Ultra-Mini, Ultra Vision


Ultra contrast of 20,000:1 – to the beauty of the show

Cinema grade HDR – ultra dazzling color

Smooth optical system design – comfortable viewing experience

180° ultra wide viewing angle – upgrade to life

Ultra energy management – dynamic energy saving by 40%

Ultra high lamp surface protection –extended durability


Application scenario

  • Conference


  • Control Room

    Control Room

  • Home


  • Showroom


Ultra contrast,  to the beauty of the show

Ultra Contrast, To The Beauty Of The Show

The EBL technology (the Enhanced Black 
Level) is adopted to completely absorb the 
stray light from outside, and the lighting 
does not affect the normal luminescence 
of the screen, so as to achieve the 
contrast effect of 20000:1, improve the 
contrast of light and shade, enhance the 
picture details, restore the natural color, 
enhance the sense of science and 
technology and visual impact.

Ultra dazzling color,  cinema grade HDR

Ultra Dazzling Color, Cinema Grade HDR

With high dynamic HDR technology, 
the colour is richer;
The 120% coverage of gamut fully 
meets the dci-p3 standard;
More than 28 trillion colour displays;
Let you feel the lifelike world up 

Area light display ,  comfortable viewing experience

Area Light Display , Comfortable Viewing Experience

Through the smooth optical design technology, 
filter the stray light effect and make the chips 
have even light. Achieve a large perspective, 
no sense of particles when watching and it is 
comfortable and healthy to watch close for a 
long time.

Ultra energy management, dynamic energy saving

Ultra Energy Management, Dynamic Energy Saving

The maximum brightness of the product can reach 2000nit, ensuring that in the highlighted 
environment it can also have high contrast as well as present a clear picture to satisfy the 
application requirements of different scenes of customers.

Ultra viewing angle, upgrade to life

Ultra Viewing Angle, Upgrade To Life

180 ° ultra wide viewing angle
Comprehensive and Emperor-like vision

Ultra protective function and endless use

Ultra Protective Function And Endless Use

Comprehensively improvement on the protective 
function and solution to the high frequency 
maintenance problem of LED products. Bearing 
bump ability>10 kg.

Lamp surface protection rating up to IP54

Lamp Surface Protection Rating Up To IP54

Ultra screen design,  creative wireless


    Pixel Pitch

    Configuração de Pixel

    LED Pixel

    Tecnologia de Display

    Resolução da Tela



    Pixel Pitch

    Configuração de Pixel

    LED Pixel

    Tecnologia de Display

    Resolução da Tela


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